Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Just Start a New Blog

Just finish create a new acc, 
delete the old one, past is past just forget about it,
 I don't care anymore, life must go on, 
live and life a new one with a fresh memory, 
Be a good one this time, create a new character for me and people around me,
 ignore what people want to say about me, who they are to plan my life???
 I can do whatever I want cos this is my life, get it... 
Now I must balance my positive+ and negative- thinking with all my words, intonation and my style to confident my self.
 I will be whom I suppose to be, and not copy or pretend to be somebody else.
 So what I'm waiting for.. go for it and grab all your dream that deserve for you (me)... 
Times never wait for me and I must catch it. 
Just accept my self as a new person... 
Right now, I just want to focus with study, generate money machine, 
and help all my family.
and the most important thing

Life Live in Simple Ways...

3 people say:

M Monster c(: said...

speaking london youuu.

Noor Azril said...

I can't speak in english....

you want me speak in what language???


M Monster c(: said...

no, you can speak english.
but, i think you better speak malay.
proud to be Malaysian bebeh.

Salam 1 MALAYSIA. hahaha.