Thursday, 28 October 2010

.....................busy week..............

I'm totally not been long time not to update this blog since the last post in past few weeks (maybe)
for this month my schedule is so pack 
my body is feel so dammm tired
my head feel like to explode in any time
my body fell so many pains from all part of my body
right now I'm in the class at my Unirazak campus at LCS @ Bali Campus Sunway City

focus listening to lecturers teaching @ Pengajian Islam classes with En Munib Ahmad
want to be focus of this class but can I ???
busy week, days, hours, minutes, and second
pack life with lots of activities, assignment and practice until this saturday for the 10th convo ceremony
after the convo will back to normal life a little bit but still busy with others thing
hectic life to face until this Saturday
and end of this semester
For final exam that start at the end of next month (nov)
I'm confess that I really not prepared anything yet
I'm still bluurrr with all the subject for this sem
but I will try to do the best for this sem
I got just a month left to cover everything for all the subject 
If I can do it I will be too thankful
if not I'm dead and have to repeated the same subject
and the PTPTN acc status maybe will freeze for a while
Ya Allah please help me to go trough all this 
I'm to weak and need your help Ya Allah
Need your guidance to walk and  trough the obstacle 
 just only YOU (Allah) can help me
I'm begging at YOU to help me 

maybe enough until here for right now
I'm too tired to typing and want back to focus on my classes lecturing 
see u guys next timee yeaaaaahhh
Arios Amigos



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