Monday, 1 November 2010

let the picture told the stories

azi, shuk. me and yin

me and yin

yin, me, rahimah, Catherine, adel, and ezral syafiq 

me, zana, yin, azi, adel, cat, rahimah

me and cikgu siti hajar

me and kak rima

me with plastic smile

azi, yin, zana and of course me 

mujaheed the new guys and azi

zana, yin, azi and rahimah

zana, yin, azi and rahimah again

zana and yin the senget version

rahimah and me the senget version

Unirazak Duta Budaya Choir Team

that lead by Cikgu Siti Hajar

for UNIRAZAK 10th Convocation Ceremony

held at PICC Putrajaya on Saturday 30th October 2010

and our accommodation 

at  Palm Garden Hotel IOI Resort, Putrajaya

and this is the best memories ever

and the show this year is better than last year

and hope the next is more better with a special memories

see you bloggers next tima

arios amigos

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